Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day 32 - Fair Grove, Missouri to Golden City, Missouri

Thursday, May 26,2016 67.7 miles(109.0 km)

It rained again overnight but had stopped by morning.  With a fairly long day I got going fairly early.  I stopped by the local convenience store for a coffee and the locals told me I would be facing some significant hills this morning.  Ther

It was not long into my ride a came across my first turtle for the day.  I picked him up and moved him to the side of the road.  I move them to the side of the road they are facing, if they are facing right they go to the right side of road and if facing left they go to the left side of the road.  Riding on a trike I don't really have to come to a full stop to move them as I am low enough to reach down and pick them up.  I only stop if I am taking a photo of them.  I moved nine turtles in short order and then did not see another turtle for several hours and then finally got number ten for the day.

Turtle #1

Turtle Ready To Wander Off

Turtle #5

Turtle #10 Wandering Off

The route was through the small towns of Walnut Grove, Ash Grove and Everton.  The small towns and countryside often have interesting and beautiful old church buildings.

Country Church

One institution which is quickly disappearing from small towns is the general store.  Below is an example of many that I have seen that have closed.

Abandoned General Store

I did come across this semi-friendly donkey.  He would come close to the fence but just not close enough to pet.  We did have a discussion and he didn't agree with something and shook his head letting me know.

Disagreeing Donkey

One of the most common birds I have seen on this trip are turkey vultures.  I often see them on the road in front of me, indicating roadkill ahead.  These three were sitting in a tree alongside the road.

Turkey Vultures

North of Ash Grove I passed the former home of Nathan Boone, Daniel Boone's son.  I did not stop by as I had visited it a few years ago.  To see photos from my early visit checkout here.

Nathan Boone Homestead Sign

I stopped in Ash Grove for lunch at the Copper Grill.  I had a good steak sandwich and fries along with about 5 glasses of water and 4 of root beer.  I guess I was thirsty.

Copper Grill

On this trip I have seen many odd things and signs in people's front yards but the sign I have pictured below is probably the most over-the-top.  I guess he and the game warden don't go have coffee together every morning.

Odd Sign

The last 5 miles into Golden City I was on a road with nice wide shoulders, was mostly flat and I had a nice tailwind.  They went very quickly.

I stopped at Cookie's Cafe in Golden City for dinner.  I had their chicken special followed by what they are known for, pie.  This small cafe probably had more than 20 different pies to choose from, my chose was strawberry rhubarb with a regular crust (as opposed to a Dutch topping) with ice cream.  All was excellent.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

I was camping that night at the Golden City Park.  I was again going to setup under the picnic shelter as rain was predicted again.  As I started setting up my tent a storm rolled in and the wind was very strong.  I had to tie the corners of my tent off to picnic tables as the wind was so strong I could not keep it in place without stakes.  That storm soon passed and all quieted down.

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