Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day 10 - Wytheville, VA to Troutdale, VA

Saturday April 30, 2016, 34.7 miles(55.8 km)

The day started off slow as I was waiting for the post office to open at 9:30 to pick up Frank's supplies.  Had a nice breakfast at Skeeter's a hot dog restaurant.  Picked up my package which had arrived intact and was on my way.

 As I rolled through the countryside I noticed many nice churches either out by themselves or in the small towns I passed through.  One thing I noted was many were non-Baptist, though many were Baptist.  Below are pictured a few of the nice churches I came across.

Lebanon Lutheran Church

Grace Lutheran Church - Rural Retreat, VA

Wharf Hill United Methodist Church - Sugar Grove, VA

This area had several cattle and dairy farms.  Most of the time the cows just watched be ride by but sometimes they would skittishly run away but on one occasion the calves were curious and came for a visit.

Cow Watching Me Roll By

Curious Calves

Quiet Pasture Land

I next came to an area of large Christmas tree farms.  Trees all nicely shaped waiting to be harvested later in the fall, or future years.

Christmas Tree Farm

I rode through several miles of the Jefferson National Forest.  Mostly with eastern hardwood forests with beautiful streams and rivers.

Stream In Jefferson National Forest

View As I Ride Through Jefferson National Forest

spent the night at a hostel operated by the Troutdale Baptist Church for cyclists and hikers (the Appalachian Trail is nearby).  This was fortunate as it was a wet rainy night.  I had my room to myself and two hikers were in the other room.

Troutdale Baptist Church Hostel

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