Friday, May 27, 2016

Day 30 - Summerville, Missouri to Hartville, Missouri

Tuesday, May 24,2016 60.9 miles(98.0 km)

I woke up early (5:30 am) and went down to the nearby convenience store to get some breakfast.  When I was there the clerk asked if I was heading out and advised I should wait a little as there was a strong storm coming.  I am glad I waited as it was a very strong thunderstorm which lasted about an hour but dropped a considerable amount of rain and was quite windy.

After the storm passed I started the ride.  I could see the storms off to the east of me and more out to the west.  I was riding through an area with mostly rolling hills on the Ozark highlands with mostly hay fields or pasture lands.

Ozark Highlands - Storm Off To East

Ranch Sign

The route also crossed the Big Piney River which was a nice break from the farmland.  There were several large turtles just hanging out in a slow part of the river.

Big Piney River

Big Turtles Hanging Out In River

Once leaving the river I was back up to more pasture and hay fields.  I had not visited this part of the state before and was surprised by the number of farms in the area, not what one pictures when thinking about the Ozarks.

Gloomy View As Storm Is Coming

Calf With A Mask

Cow Watching Me Watching It

I have seen many things displayed at the end of driveways mostly old agricultural equipment but this is the first time I have seen an old army style jeep.

Old Jeep

I also saw this very nice looking old one room schoolhouse.

Alice School

I had avoided rain all day and it was turning dark as the clouds moved in.  I was a couple miles from the next convenience store in Ben Davis, Missouri (not really a town) and I started pedaling as fast as I could and got there just in time as I got inside and the storm hit.  I waited that one out for about an hour and was able to finish the final 19 miles to Hartville.  I did get rained on while riding to Hartville but it was not a hard rain but hard enough that I put on my rain jacket.

In Hartville they allow camping on the courthouse lawn so I checked in with the sheriff's office on where it is allowed and they said anywhere but suggested I camp at the city park as it had a pavilion I could camp under.

My daughter M.E. drove down to Hartville and we had dinner together at a nice cafe.  We both had breakfast for dinner.  After dinner she drove me to the city park where I set up.  I am glad I decided to stay there as it rained quite hard over night.  

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  1. Hey bro! I finally caught up with you and your adventure again! Thinking maybe you should skip those hotdogs altogether! We are in Montana for a few weeks- rainy & cold. Bless ya and hope to see you soon as you get closer!