Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day 13 - Council, Virginia to Lookout, Kentucky

Tuesday May 3,2016 45.3 miles(72.9 km)

The day started out mostly level or downhill from Council to Haysi, Virginia.  It was nice to pedal freely without hills to climb.  The day started out like many, a bit foggy which soon turned to a light rain but not bad. Once I arrived in Haysi, I decided to have an early lunch as choices further up the road were very limited.  The choices were limit, either at a service station or at one of three pizza restaurants.  I decided on the one pizza place that also had a grill and had a very good hamburger.

Once past Haysi the route began to climb.  Not steep but a steady climb up to The Breaks, known as the Grand Canyon of the South.  Along the way were many interesting rock formations and of course wildflowers.

Rock Formation Along Road

The Breaks is a beautiful area.  There is a large park there called The Breaks Interstate Park as it spans the border of Virginia and Kentucky.

The Breaks - Grand Canyon Of The South

The Breaks - The Grand Canyon Of The South
Once leaving The Breaks it was a nice steady downhill run to the Kentucky line.  Good bye Virginia. Hello Kentucky.  One state done, ten more to go!!

I Made It To Kentucky

And Kentucky Welcomed Me
The first town I came to in Kentucky was Elkhorn City.  They had these colorfully paint elk along their streets.

Colorfully Painted Elk

Colorfully Painted Elk

After leaving Elkhorn City I passed through a few small communities until I came to my stopping place for the day, the Freeda Harris Baptist Center near Lookout, Kentucky.


  1. Congrats on your journey friend !! I'm LOVING the photos and stories ~ safe journey !!

  2. Congrats on reaching State #2 on your journey!