Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day 23 - Sebree, Kentucky to Marion, Kentucy

Friday, May 13,2016 42.8 miles(68.9 km)

After a great night stay at the Sebree Baptist Church I was off for a relatively short ride to Marion, Kentucky.  The weather was near perfect, fairly cool, a bit breezy and nice blue skies.  The ride was through rolling terrain of western Kentucky.  There were many hills but few were very steep and none very big. 

Western Kentucky Rolling Terrain
Old Barn
Kentucky Countryside - Field of Yellow Flowers
One common practice among riders on the TransAmerica trail is to rescue turtles by assisting them across the road so they do not get hit by vehicles.  The one pictured below had a close encounter with a truck just before I got to him.  I assisted this big guy across the road and put him the grass on the other side.

Rescued Turtle

There were many wildflowers along the route, most I have shown before however I did come across these beautiful pink flowers

Pink Wild Flowers

If you keep your eyes open you will sometimes see rare animals, such as the animal pictured below, a rare Kentucky Push-Me Pull-You.

Kentucky Push-Me Pull-You

When riding I try to take breaks as I need them.  Pictured below is me messing around during one of those breaks.

Selfie In Bike Mirror

After an enjoyable ride I spent the night at the Marion Methodist Church.  The Cub Scouts were camping out on the church lawn but I was inside and all was quiet.

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  1. Very happy to hear that it's a common practice among riders on the TransAmerica to assist turtles crossing the road. Thanks for helping to save this one!