Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day 11- Troutdale, Virginia to Meadowview, Virginia

Sunday May 1,2016 37.5 miles(60.4 km)

After a rainy night, the day started foggy.  The ride was through the Jefferson National Forest with a mixture of forest land and farm land.  The road followed a very nice stream with cascades and small waterfalls.

View Of The Countryside

Beautiful Stream

Cascade On Stream

The weather soon changed to a hard rain.  I continued riding until it became too hard and unsafe to continue.  Fortunately I came to this beautiful log church in which I took shelter until the rain passed.

Laurel Valley Community Church

Saw this mirror at end of a driveway in a steep corner, I could not resist taking a selfie.

Self Portrait In Mirror As Rolling By

Saw many wildflowers again.  Probably the most common wildflower I have seen on the ride is buttercups like those pictured below.


Yellow Wildflowers

Blue Wildflowers

I rode through the community of Damascus, Virginia, a town which caters to hikers on the Appalachian Trail as it is a major stopping place along the trail.  The town has several hostel, restaurants and a few outfitters to provide services to the hikers.  I had a second breakfast while in town which was very good.

After I left town I continued riding through the Virginia countryside.  I came across the old water-powered mill pictured below.

Old Water Driven Mill

I spent the night camped under the picnic shelter behind the Mount Carmel Christian Church in Meadowview, Virginia.  The church was having a cookout for the youth that evening and I was given dinner also.


  1. As of this posting, you are at 490 miles in 11 days. Way to go Bruce. Hope the trike problems are mostly over now.

  2. I love your self portrait in the mirror!