Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Day 18 - Berea, Kentucky to Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Sunday May 8,2016 48.7 miles(78.4 km)

It rained off and on through the night but I remained dry in my tent and slept well.  The ride this day was totally different from those of previous days, there were hills but they were more of the rolling variety and not the steep climbs.  I was now in an area of cattle and horse farms.  It was also obvious that I was in an area of more wealth than what is seen in eastern Kentucky.

The day was mostly cloudy but I did not get rained on though it looked like it might rain several times during the day.

Central Kentucky Farm

Central Kentucky Farmland

As I have on other days I saw several barns with quilt patterns on them as decorations. 

Barn With Quilt Pattern

Barn With Quilt Pattern

I came across several pretty churches both in the country and in the small towns I passed through.

Kirksville Christian Church

Bryantsville United Methodist Church

During the day I came to this herd of longhorn cattle.  They were quite interesting as they were of several color combinations and different ages.  I kept a horn length distance from their fence but they came right up to the fence while I was there.

Longlorn Bull

Longhorn Cow

One Whose Horns Are Not So Long Yet

Overall it was a very good day of riding.  No mechanical problems with trike.  Nice scenery and no big hills.

I spent the night in a motel in Harrodsburg which was fortunate as it rained again most of the night.


  1. The cattle are so cool! More beautiful pictures. And I'm FINALLY caught up (for now) :)

  2. The barn quilts are actually a trail you can follow. They are in 27 different states and there are many barns with painted quilts throughout the country. There is a website if you want to check it out. http://www.barnquiltinfo.com/