Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day 31 - Hartville, Missouri to Fair Grove, Missouri

Wednesday, May 25,2016 42.9 miles(69.0 km)

The morning started with a storm about 4:30 am which woke me up as the rain beat down on the picnic pavilion I had my tent pitched under.  I quickly fell back asleep hoping the rain would stop before I wanted to get going.

I woke again about 7:00 and the rain had stopped.  I packed up and was on my way after a quick stop for some breakfast.  I was not in too much of a rush as I had planned a short day.  

Leaving Hartville was up a steep but fairly short hill and then I was back in a cattle farming area.  I stopped to take a rest and a group of calves was nearby.  Soon they moved to the corner of their pasture closest to me.  I had a discussion with a few of them, they seemed to listen intently.

Calf Listening Intently

Calf More Interested In Branch

The skies had been gray all morning but soon they darkened more and it began to rain.  Soon it was raining steadily and became a bit windy.  It was far from ideal riding conditions but I continued pedaling (not much choice as there was nowhere around to seek shelter).

It continued to rain as I arrived in Marshfield, Missouri and it was lunch time.  I stopped at Smokey's across from the court house and order a sandwich and some soup.  It felt good warming up and drying off as I ate my lunch.  After lunch I walk out and the sun was starting to shine through the clouds and by the time I had ridden to the north side of Marshfield the sky was blue with scattered clouds.  

The short afternoon ride was through rolling pastures and hay fields.

Hay Field - Blue Skies

As I was riding out of the Ozarks there were also new wildflowers to be found including different Black-Eyed Susans , Spiderworts and Pimroses.

Black-Eyed Susan




The ride for the day ended at the small community of Fair Grove which allows cyclists to camp in their city park.  They were having a farmers market in the park when I arrived.  Unfortunately the market did not have any berries or fruit as none were in season at the time.

After the market closed I set up my tent under the picnic pavilion as rain was likely again overnight.  

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