Friday, June 3, 2016

Day 33 - Golden City, Missouri to Immanuel Lutheran Church (West of Girard, Kanas)

Friday, May 27,2016 60.4 miles(97.2 km)

It rained again over night but I remained dry under the picnic shelter I had pitched my tent.  As I was packing up a lady walking her dog inquired which direction I was heading.  When I said west she said the route was closed the previous day due to high water and that I might have to detour.  I decided I would ask around when I was at breakfast to get an update on the status of the road.

As dinner and pie had been so good the night before I decided I would eat breakfast at Cookies' Cafe in Golden City.  I ordered biscuit and gravy along with a piece of blackberry pie.  They said I would have to wait a bit for the pie as it was still in the oven.  Just as I was finishing my biscuits the pie was delivered.  I was warned to wait a bit as it would be very hot, no warning was really needed as the pie was bubbling on the plate.  All was excellent.

Cookies' Cafe - Golden City, MO

Steaming Hot Blackberry Pie 

About 30 miles after leaving Golden City I arrived at the Missouri/Kansas line.  I have now completed four states (Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri)

Welcome To Kansas
As I have traveled now into a more prairie type area I am seeing different wildflowers.  Some I had seen in other areas but they are more abundant in the prairies.

Wild Rose


The route passed west through Pittsburg, Kansas and then turned north toward Girard, Kansas.  From Girard the continued north a bit and then turned west again.  I stayed at the Immanuel Lutheran Church out in the countryside about 13 miles from Girard near the small town of Hepler.  The church opens their fellowship hall to cyclist to stay the night or just take a break.  It was an excellent place to stay.

Immanuel Lutheran Church

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