Sunday, May 1, 2016

Day 7 - Lexington, VA to Troutville, VA

Wednesday April 27, 2016, 42.4 miles(68.2 km)

The morning started with getting out of Lexington and the commuter traffic going into the city which was not too bad as most was going the opposite direction.   I saw a few older homes including the one pictured below which is Thorn Hill Estates which was owned by Colonel John Bowyer an officer in the Revolutionary War and also by General E.F. Paxton the commander of the Stonewall Brigade and was killed at the Battle of Chancellorsville during the Civil War.

Thorn Hill Estates

As I rode along I saw this large hill in front of me and all I could think in my mind was that I hoped that the road would turn before I got to it. (It did)

Looking Down The Road

I passed many fine country homes including the following, which is now a bed & breakfast and is named after the Red Mill located across the road from the house.

Red Mill B & B

Red Mill

As usual I found many wildflowers including the two pictured below.



As the day progressed I noticed more and more truck traffic.  I soon discovered the reason, Interstate 81 southbound was at a standstill and trucks were diverting onto the road I was traveling which paralleled I81.  Soon my route went to the other side of  I81 and the truck traffic lessened.  After a few miles I got to the problem on I81, a major truck accident and the police were diverting all the traffic off onto the road I was travelling.  I was just getting to Buchanan and decided it best to get off the road for a while until traffic cleared.  A good time for breakfast for lunch at the Swinging Bridge Cafe. 

Once I got back on the road I soon came across the following three, a friendly horse and two friendly donkeys.  I called them over and over they came to see what I was about.

The Three Amigos

Friendly Donkeys

For the night I camped out in the Troutville Town Park and pitched my tent under a picnic shelter which was fortunate as it rained hard overnight.  This town really makes cyclists and hikers (the Appalachian Trail runs nearby) as they allow cyclists and hikers to shower and do laundry at the fire department for free.  It was a great place to stop.

My Overnight Camp

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