Sunday, May 8, 2016

Day 17 - Booneville, Kentucky to Berea, Kentucky

Saturday May 7,2016 50.5 miles(81.3 km)

I got a bit of a late start on this day, my body said it wanted to sleep a bit more when the alarm went off and I agreed with my body and went back to sleep for a while.

The ride started off fairly well without too many hills.  Once I got to the hills I started have some mechanical problems with the trike, it was shifting or skipping when it was not supposed to.  I continued to limp along, making adjustments and hoping it would continue to work.  The ride became a bit frustrating but I continued.   I then remembered there was a listing on of a bike mechanic near Berea (there are no bike shops in the area).  I sent him a message hoping I could have him look at my trike once got to Berea.  Soon I got a message back that he would be able to look at my trike (that was a relief) and I continued on fixing things as I went.  When I was about 5 miles from Berea, I had another issue and had pulled my trike over to a parking lot and began to work on it.  Soon a car pulled up and a guy steps out and says "Hey Bruce",  Paul the bike mechanic had tracked me down.  He worked on things for about an hour and I was good to go. Thanks Paul!!

As I was getting close to Berea a thunderstorm came in fast.  I saw a house with a carport and I headed to it.  I pulled under the carport with a vehicle that was already there.  I rang their doorbell and knocked on their door to let them know I was there and what I was doing but there was no answer.  I waited out the storm (about 45 minutes) and then made my way to Berea.

I only took a few pictures (I don't seem to take many when things like trike not working correctly are on my mind)

Kentucky Countryside

Odd Sign - Better Make That Sharp Left Turn Right In Front Of You

No Idea How They Named That Road
Even though the day was a bit frustrating it ended well.  I arrived at my destination for the day.  Berea is the end of the Appalachians and now in the Bluegrass part of Kentucky.  I have completed Map 11, so another map can be retired.

I spent the night camped behind a fire station in Berea.  Nice place to camp, hot shower and a place to charge my stuff.  It rained through most of the night but I was dry in my tent. 


  1. Glad you made it! I prayed a lot for you today, wish it had made fewer problems for you! In Acts the Bereans were known for hospitality and fair mindedness. Looks like Paul fit the bill. Blessings for a great week!