Sunday, May 8, 2016

Day 16 - Hindman, Kentucky to Booneville, Kentucky

Friday May 6,2016 67.6 miles(108.8 km)

My day started out with an outstanding breakfast prepared by my host David.  Several kinds of fruit, cake and cereal, a great way to start the day.

The ride for the day started  in Hindman, the county seat of Knott.  The town has a small historic district which includes its old court house.

Old Courthouse - Knott County

The next town I came to was Dwarf, a really small town, not too much there except its post office, a church and a few houses.

Welcome To A Small Town
Not long after leaving Dwarf I saw three elk (yes they have elk in eastern KY).  They saw me at the same time I saw them and they were camera shy so I didn't get a photo of them :-(.  Hopefully when I get out west the elk won't be so camera shy.

But I did manage to get a photo of the first daisy of the trip because daisies are not camera shy.

First Daisy

I did ride near the town of Hazard, Kentucky but didn't see see any dukes there and didn't really see anything to take a photo of.

I came to the village of Yerkes, KY, not much there except this country store and post office combination.

Yerkes Country Store and Post Office

These bright purple wildflowers were nice to see on the side of the road (much better than the trash/litter that is common along the roads in eastern Kentucky)

Purple Wildflowers

For you Superman fans I found the town to avoid, Krypton, KY.  I passed by it along the way.

Krypton Masonic Lodge

My route was very hilly and curvy, looking at it on a map it looks like it was laid out by a snake but I think this might be a little bit of over kill on the signs, I think there are 4 different curve signs alternating directions in this photo.

Sign Overkill

In Buckhorn, Kentucky they have this beautiful log church built in 1907 as a Presbyterian church.  Today it serves as the community church.  Behind it is a large gymnasium building also built of logs. 

Log Church

After leaving Buckhorn I came across this pretty lacy white wildflowers along the road.

White Lacy Wildflowers

The ride for the day was long and difficult with 67.6 miles, the longest so far on my trip and 5164 feet of climbing, the most so far on my trip.

I camped behind the Booneville Presbyterian Church and had a couple of deer come by for a visit, the light was too low to get a decent photo. (I did get some bad ones :-) )

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