Thursday, May 5, 2016

Day 15 - Lookout, Kentucky to Hindman, Kentucky

Thursday May 5,2016 51.5 miles(82.9 km)

Today started out cold and it pretty much stayed that way all day.  Fortunately it did not ever really rain, it drizzled a little a few times.  It was a tough day to dress for as I would get heated up on the climbs when I was wearing my jacket and freeze on the downhills if I didn't have it one.  I concluded it was best to just keep the jacket on as I wasn't getting that heated up.

I learned early in the day that coal dust and water make a very fine road lubricant, not that the roads need lubricants especially when someone is trying to ride a recumbent trike pulling a trailer up a steep grade.  One climb this morning was particularly slow because I could not get any traction.  I managed to get to the top.  Once the roads dried some it wasn't a problem.

No real problem with dogs today, a couple came out to visit but they were of the friendly variety so no problem.  Also no problem with coal trucks, the areas I passed through all the mines have shut down so no trucks are running.

Not much for scenery today.  Some interesting place names such as Poor Bottom Road, Abner Mountain and towns of names of Virgie, Melvin, Bypro, Dema and Pippa Passes.

Below are just some random photos I took today, nothing too exciting.

Interesting Name For A Church - It Is Located On Poor Bottom Road

Scene Along The Roadway

There Was Blue Sky - For About 15 Minutes

Another Shot Along The Road

Those Clouds Don't Look Friendly

Rock Formation Along The Road

Tonight I am staying at the Knott County Historical Society Cyclists' Hostel.  Dave, the host, prepared an excellent dinner for me followed by a huge ice cream sundae.  I have a long ride planned for tomorrow.


  1. Way to go Bruce! I finally caught up on your blog . Beautiful pictures and your beard is getting nicer every time I see it You are in my prayers every day-

  2. Even when your pictures are "not exciting" I can't get over the scenery. Absolutely gorgeous. And also your host Dave sounds like my kinda guy!