Friday, May 13, 2016

Day 22 - Fordsville, Kentucky to Sebree, Kentucky

Thursday, May 12,2016 50.9 miles(81.9 km)

After a night of rain it was good to wake up to some sun showing.  The ride started with a hill which is not the way I like to start the day as I like to get my legs warmed up some before taking on a hill. Once passed the first hill the terrain seemed to level out and become more rolling.  There were many places it was obvious that with all the rain that the road had been covered by water overnight and had drained away in the morning leaving behind silt and debris. 

After riding for about an hour and a half my earlier breakfast of a miniature pie and a couple breakfast bars just wasn't seeming like enough.  I came upon this small country store (pictured below) to see what they might have.  I was not really sure what I wanted but noticed that they had a small deli so I asked what kind of sandwiches she could make.  She said the usuals like turkey, ham, bologna and none of those just seemed like what I was "hankering" for.  She then said liver loaf... that's it.  I said I would have a liver loaf sandwich and she asks on white bread, yep that sounds good.  She then asked what I wanted on and it was onions, pickles and mustard.  Where else but at a small country store can you get a liver loaf sandwich on white bread with onions, pickles, and mustard at 9:20 in the morning and they don't even bat an eye, just like it happens every day.  By the way, it was a excellent sandwich.. 

Doolin's Grocery

The farms in this area seemed to be more planted crops and hay fields though there were still many farms with cattle and horses.

Kentucky Countryside

Kentucky Countryside

Kentucky Countryside

Kentucky Countryside

As the day progressed the skies grew darker.  I had hoped to get to Sebree before the storm hit but it was becoming increasingly likely that I would not make it in time.  Just as it started to rain I arrived at a small town of Breech Grove and they had a convenience store so I stopped in there to get a hot chocolate and hope the storm would clear.  I slowly drank the beverage and the rain was starting to lessen. I decided it had slowed enough for me to complete the final 8 miles into Sebree.

I stayed the night at the Sebree First Baptist Church which is known for their great hospitality for cyclists.  I was shown around the facility and was happy to see that the had a washer and dryer.  After several days of rain my clothes were not wet but they sure were not dry either.  And most well not dirty were not real clean either... oh they were dirty.  I sat around in my pajama pants (which were clean) and a shirt  (that was kind of clean) while I washed everything else I had.  I even put my sleeping bag in the dryer to freshen it up some.  It was great to have every thing clean.

I walked a few blocks to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.  It was very good and authentic. 

Overall a good day of cycling.


  1. I hope that Friday the 13th was kind to you.

  2. Any day that ends with a Mexican dinner is a good day!