Friday, May 13, 2016

Day 21 - White Mills, Kentucky to Fordsville, Kentucky

Wednesday, May 11,2016 56.25 miles(90.5 km)

After a night of storms in which I slept soundly through inside the fire station, the morning started off a little foggy.  The ride was through rolling Kentucky countryside.  There were a few steeper hills but all were fairly short.  It did not rain at all during the day and became quite hot.

I stopped at a convenience store for a snack and had a partner sitting next to me.  He was having a good day too. 

Snack Time Partner

I have found that vultures are great to have around when cycling.  They clean up the road kill (just wish they would be faster about it).  They also act as good flags of upcoming road kill, when you see them on the road then there is road kill at that location.  Pictured below is a vulture perched in a tree waiting for me to leave so it can get back to the roadkill that is nearby.  There were four vultures but the other three flew further away.

Vulture Waiting For Me To Leave

Below is pictured a small part of Rough River Lake, a large reservoir created in 1959 by the Army Corps of Engineers.  My route passed near the lake and across the dam however I was not able to see much of the lake.  It appears to be quite popular for boating and fishing.

Rough River Lake

Below is me taking another selfie in another mirror alongside the highway.


Below is a photo of a sea of yellow flowers.  I saw many fields like this as I passed through the countryside.

Sea of Yellow Flowers

I spent my night at the Fordsville North Park.  It is not the nicest park I have stayed in but it did have one important feature, a picnic shelter large enough for me to pitch my tent under.  A very large storm blew through shortly after my arrival and I was glad that I was setup under the shelter. It stormed off and on through the night but I remained dry.

Fordsville North Park
Sometime during this day I crossed over to Central time from Eastern time, so I have now ridden across a whole time zone.  I am not sure where it was as I did not see a sign.  I just noticed that both my gps and phone had updated their times.  This will make it easier to get up at 6:00 or 6:30 am for me.

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