Friday, June 17, 2016

Day 44 - Ordway, Colorado - Rest Day

Tuesday, June 7,2016, 0 miles(0 km)

After waking up on the farm I cycled to the "downtown" area of Ordway and had a leisurely breakfast at a small cafe.  After breakfast I cycled back to Gillian's and worked on my blog and "played" with some of the animals on the farm.

Petting One Dog As Another Looks On

Goat Begging For My Banana Peal

Great Pyrenees - Guards Chickens and Other Fowl

Later in the afternoon several other cyclists showed up at the farm.  That night Gillian hosted 8 cyclists including myself.  She has hosted as many as 16 at a time.  My task for the day was to help scrape some bee hive frames of excess wax.

All eight cyclists descended on the same restaurant I had eaten breakfast for dinner.  The handled the "crowd" very well and everyone had a great dinner.

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