Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day 40 - Ness City, Kansas to Scott City, Kansas

Friday, June 3,2016, 55.5 miles(89.3 km)

After I had a nice breakfast at a small cafe in Ness City I continued my travels along Hwy 96. I would remain on the same highway as I had the day before.  The route was through farming and oil well area of west Kansas.  The rode had a nice shoulder to ride on as pictured below.

My View

The view along the way was mostly as pictured below.  Very serene with a view that seemed to go on forever.

Serene Countryside

The main "building" that each community had no matter how small the community was a grain elevator.  Often these are visible for miles sometimes as many as 10 or more miles.  With the strong southwest cross/head wind I was riding through sometimes it seemed that I was not getting closer to the elevator I could see and was pedaling toward.

Skyscrapers of the Plains

West of Dighton, Kansas was the below shown historical marker about George Washington Carver who had a homestead in the area and later became a renowned agriculture professor at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. 

George Washington Carver Historical Marker
The day was a demanding one due to the wind.  It was not a direct head wind but a crossing wind from the front.

I camped at the Scott City Park on the south side of town.  The park was very well cared for.  About 11:00 pm the sprinklers came on.  My tent was within range of one but not real close and the sprinkler rotated around so my tent was only sprayed a short period of time each rotation.  This was not the case for the tent of a couple of German guys, their tent was probably 15 feet from a sprinkler that did not rotate and sprayed directly on their tent.  They tried covering it with a pot but the water force just moved it away.   Fortunately the sprinklers went off after about an hour and we could all go back to sleep.

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