Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Day 38 - Newton, Kansas to Larned, Kansas

Wednesday, June 1,2016, 111.5 miles(179.4 km)

After a quick breakfast at the Days Inn in Newton I was on the road.  The day was nice and cool and the wind was from the southeast, ideal for the cycling I was doing.  When I started the day I was not sure of what my final destination for the day would be.  It was only about 50 miles to Nickerson, Kansas and then it would be 57 miles with no available stops until Larned.  I decided I would make the decision once in Nickerson whether to continue on from there or stay there the night.

The ride to Nickerson was fairly quick and I arrived before noon so I decided to go on to Larned.  Just as I was arriving in Nickerson I noticed several zebras in a fence and I stopped.  Two of them came right up to me and I was able to pet them.  



After eating lunch in Nickerson I was on my way to Larned.  The terrain was generally flat and the winds were still favorable and I continued to make good time.

The route was through farm and ranch land.  Symbolic of what one would expect on the plains of Kansas are windmills and Indians on horseback, I saw both.


Indian On Horseback

Also along the route were somethings that were not expected and that being long lengths of areas with trees, even if they were wind brake trees they were a pleasant surprise.

Wind Brake Trees

The route traversed a section of the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge in south central Kansas.  The refuge is known for the large number of birds which visit during their migrations.

Quivira National Wildlife Refuge

As I was more in a prairie area the wildflowers continued to see new wildflowers, often in great numbers.

Butterfly Weed -- Bug



Once I arrived in Larned I had to head to the north end of town to find a restaurant open for dinner.  Once I finished dinner I head back toward the south end where the city park was located.  Three German cyclist were also camping in the park that night.  I had a good talk with them and their journeys.

It was a great day of cycling, over 111 miles, the longest of the trip and the most I have ever cycled in a day.

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