Friday, June 17, 2016

Day 47 - Guffey, Colorado - Breckenridge, Colorado

Friday, June 10,2016, 77.4 miles(124.6 km)

Woke up to a cold morning in Guffey but that is to be expected when you are at over 8,600 feet in elevation.  The one mile downhill ride back to the route was very cold despite that I was wearing a fleece jacket and glove, I had to slow down just to cut the windchill some.

When I began the day I was unsure what my destination would be for the day.  Originally I had planned to stay in either Fairplay or Alma but I left it open to go over Hoosier Pass if it was early enough in the day and my legs felt good to make it up to the pass.

The route was nearly a continuous climb through beautiful Colorado countryside.

Colorado Ranch


Colorado Countryside

Colorado Countryside

Colorado Countryside

Colorado Countryside
Colorado Countryside

Colorado Countryside

I arrived in Fairplay in time for lunch and decided to press on to Alma.  Alma is the highest incorporated town in North America at 10,578 feet in elevation.  Arriving at Alma I decided I had time to press on and go over Hoosier Pass

Alma Colorado Sign

Going Higher In the Mountains

I finally arrived at Hoosier Pass, the highest point on the TransAmerica bicycle route at 11,539 feet in elevation
Hoosier Pass

The descent from Hoosier Pass to Brenkenridge was 13+ miles.  The first part was quite steep with several switchbacks and hairpin turns.  Then it became a bit more gradual in descent and the turns not nearly as sharp.  It made for scary ride at times and exhilerating at others.  As I approached Breckenridge the lake pictured below was along the route.

Picturesque Lake

When I was in the town of Breckenridge I was not quite sure where I would stay that evening.  I hoped I would be able to stay in a National Forest Campground near Frisco but it being  a weekend I was unsure if any sites would be available.  I then got a message from Allen Seeling, a person who had friended me on Facebook saying his brother Tim lived in Breckenridge and that I should give him a call.  I call but did not get an answer and then Allen called his brother to let him know someone with the same last name was riding cross country on a recumbent trike and was in Breckenridge.  I then talked to Tim and he and his wife would meet me on the northside of Breckenridge.

I rode my trike north out Breckenridge on a great bikeway and met Tim and Linda Seeling.  They invited me to stay at their house for the night.  I was able to shower, wash my clothes, have a great dinner and breakfast and sleep in a nice bed, but most of all I was able to meet some very nice people who share the same last name but are not related (as far as we know).

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  1. Amazing scenery. What a wonderful trip you're having!