Friday, June 17, 2016

Day 42 - Tribune, Kansas to Eads, Colorado

Sunday, June 5,2016, 59.1 miles(95.1 km)

After a quick breakfast at a convenience store (only place available in town) I rode a quick 16 miles to the Kansas/Colorado border.  As on previous days it was on Hwy 96.  Really not much difference between western Kansas and eastern Colorado, mostly range land with large ranches.  There were a few irrigated fields with grains.

Welcome to Colorado

Sometimes the view seemed to go on forever.  All the way to the horizon all that is in view is range land.

Colorado Range Land

The wildflowers of eastern Colorado lived up to the welcoming sign they were Colorful.




Arriving in Eads, Colorado on a Sunday afternoon I found not much was open, a convenience store, an ice cream shop and a restaurant at a hotel, I patronized all three.  The other thing that was open was the internet access at the library and I was able to sit outside and get a couple days of my blog done.  

I camped at the Eads City Park.  The rest rooms were at the rest area on the otherside of the unused railroad tracks and then down the road a bit, you needed to plan your visit as it took a several minutes to walk the distance.  The park was very quiet and I slept well.

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