Monday, June 6, 2016

Day 36 - Cassoday, Kansas to Newton, Kansas

Monday, May 30,2016 39.6 miles(63.7 km)

After a good night sleep under the roof of the gazebo in Cassoday park I went to the store that was just closing the evening before and had given me a root  beer to get some breakfast.  I had a couple freshly baked blueberry muffins and biscuits and gravy.  (Biscuits and gravy are not my favorite thing to have but they are often the only thing available)

The ride for the day was scheduled to be short but there would be no services available between Cassoday and Newton.

The ride was through mostly farm and ranch land with mostly cattle.  The terrain was rolling making for fairly easy riding

Mother Cow and Two Calves

Cows Watching Me

I did only one turtle rescue on this day.  It was probably the smallest turtle I have ever seen, maybe an inch and quarter across.

Little Turtle

This was Memorial Day and the small cemetery with only one marked grave was decorated to honor the Civil War veteran's grave.

Small Roadside Cemetery

Civil War Veteran's Grave

I checked into the Days Inn for two days as I was taking a rest day in Newton to get my trike fixed and it was time to give my body a break.  

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