Monday, June 27, 2016

Day 51 - Saratoga, Wyoming To Rawlins, Wyoming

Tuesday, June 14,2016, 45.0 miles(72.4 km)

After a good breakfast at Karim's house I rode north out of Saratoga.  The ride was through cattle country.  Often it seemed like the horizon went on forever.  I did see several pronghorns along the way.  They often would stand there watching me until I stopped and then they would run away.

Brown Cow Watching Me

Horizon Goes On Forever


The ride out of Saratoga was to the north until I got to Walcott, Wyoming. At Walcott the route gets on I80 for several miles. (In some of the western states bicycles are allowed on interstate highways as there are no other roads available)  The interstate had nice wide shoulders to ride on.  The main problem was that there was a very strong west wind (20-30 mph and some gusts higher) and I was heading straight into it.

The Ride Down The Internet

Possible???  Likely!!!

I exited the interstate at Sinclair, Wyoming, the location of a large oil refinery for of course Sinclair Oil Company. The rest of the ride to Rawlins was on back roads through the wind was still very strong.

Sinclair Sign

Sinclair Dinosaur

Sinclair Refinery

I stayed the night at a small but very well run motel in Rawlins.  I went across the street to a Chinese buffet for dinner, I think they were probably glad when I left as I consumed a lot of food though I am sure I could have eaten much more. 

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