Monday, June 27, 2016

Day 50 - Walden, Colorado to Saratoga, Wyoming

Monday, June 13,2016, 69.5 miles(111.8 km)

Woke up to a wet tent due to the sprinklers coming on during the night and spraying it down.  Just as it was about dry the sprinklers came on again and doused it down again... oh well guess I will pack up a wet tent.

The ride from Walden, Co to Saratoga Wyoming is generally downhill with a few bumps in between.  Although those bumps do amount to nearly 2,000 feet of climbing.

The ride was mostly through range land used for cattle ranches, often mountain were in the background.

Colorado Rangeland With Mountains In Background

Colorado Rangeland

Rock Formations
I crossed into the state of Wyoming with the slogan "Forever West".  As expected the range land continued.

Entering Wyoming

Wyoming Rangeland - See On Forever

Most of the day the wind was from the southwest which was a good direction as I was travelling mostly to the northwest thus a somewhat crossing wind.  I stopped in Riverside, Wyoming for a late afternoon snack of delicious bread pudding..  The restauran/bar had three dogs that kind of wandered around.  The did not agressively beg but passively sat their staring at you and watching you take every bite. None of them got any bread pudding from me.

Restaurant Boxer And Me
Once I got to Saratoga, Wyoming I went to get something to eat before I headed out to the city park to camp for the night.  As I was getting ready to leave the convenience store I was chatting with someone about my trip and he said I could sleep over at his house.  He then said other cyclists were staying there that night.  I said sure and he said to follow him it would be only a block.  When I got there the cyclists I had been with in Walden were also there.  Karim is one of the Warmshower hosts in Saratoga.  He knew all about our wet tents and we set up tents in his yard to dry out though we all were sleeping inside the house for the night.  It was great to have a place to get laundry done, dry out the tent and most of all Karim baked cookies which were excellent.

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  1. Sounds like you've met some really nice and welcoming people on your journey!