Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Day 39 - Larned, Kansas to Ness City, Kansas

Thursday, June 2,2016, 67.4 miles(108.5 km)

After spending the night at the Larned City Park I stopped by a cafe in downtown Larned.  It seemed to be the main breakfast meeting place in town including the sheriffs department.  I decided to get one of their regular cinnamon roll (they had small ones also), the roll came on a dinner plate and nearly covered it.

Just west of Larned is Fort Larned a former frontier fort which was constructed to provide protection for the Santa Fe Trail from 1859 to 1878.  The fort's buildings have been restored and it operated by the National Park Service as the Fort Larned National Historic Site.

Fort Larned Sign

Soldier Silhouette 

Fort Larned

As I ride across the prairie there is a certain serenity about it.  A calmness from the vast open terrain.  It is not quiet as their is a near constant sound from the wind.  Sometimes you have to play games with your mind such as guessing distances to items you see off in the distance and comparing those distances to the actual when you finally arrive.  There is little traffic on roads which makes for great cycling.

Open Prairie

Open Prairie - Limestone Fence Posts


Old Barn

Grain Elevator

I stopped for lunch in Rush Center at Effie's Place.  She had a special of ham and beans with corn bread.  The food was excellent. When I went up to pay the waitress said that "Effie says it is on the house and she's the boss"

Effie's Place

I spent the night in the city park in Ness City.  There were six cyclists staying in the park that night.  The three Germans who I had met in Larned and a couple from Illinois who were traveling west to east on the trail.  Ness City is known for their historic bank building known as the "Skyscraper of the Plains".  The park was a good place to spend the night.

Old Ness City Bank Building

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