Friday, June 17, 2016

Day 45 - Ordway, Colorado - Royal Gorge, Colorado

Wednesday, June 8,2016, 102.4 miles(164.8 km)

After a quick breakfast of a couple cinnamon rolls at a convenience store in Ordway (only place open that early in the morning) I started my way toward Pueblo, Colorado again on Hwy 96. After a few miles I started seeing railroad cars on the on the otherwise unused tracks which paralled the highway.  They were "storing" these cars here and they stretched for several miles with a break only for crossing roads.

Railroad Cars

As I continued on the Rocky Mountains came clearly into view and I knew climbs would be in my future.

Rocky Mountains In View

As I got closer to Pueblo I heard chirping sounds off to the side of the road and I saw I was in the midst of a prairie dog colony

Prairie Dogs

Pueblo is the halfway point on the route I am cycling thus a milestone on my travels.

Pueblo - Reaching the Halfway Point

After I cycled through Pueblo, one of the larger cities on my route, I started my climb to Cañon City, Colorado, my intended stopping point for the day.  The terrain was definitely changing from what I had been cycling through and I was finally off Hwy 96.

Changing Terrain

Changing Terrain

As I got closer to Cañon City the skies turned dark and a shower came down but it was brief and with the low humidiy I dried quickly.  When I got to Cañon City I discovered the listed campground was closed and the other location listed as allowing camping no longer did allow it.  I had a choice of staying in a motel or cycling on about 10 miles to Royal Gorge to camp.  I opted to cycle on.  I should of looked at the elevation profile as the last 10 miles involved a climb of more than 1,100 feet, a big climb for the end of a already long day.  I arrived at the campground just as the sun was setting and I set up my tent in the dark.  I had a great night of sleep as the night was quite cool.

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