Friday, June 17, 2016

Day 43 - Eads, Colorado to Ordway, Colorado

Monday, June 6,2016, 63.2 miles(101.7 km)

After waking up I went back to the same restaurant at the hotel for breakfast as I had eat dinner the night before as it was the only one available.  I continued my ride west along Hwy 96, the only difference was it was now CO 96 instead of KS 96.  

The ride was through semi-arid range country.  In years passed the area was much greener however the water rights for the land have been sold to the city of Aurora, CO to provide their water supply thus the land has become more arid.

The route was mostly rolling terrain with a few climbs but a general downhill toward Ordway.  When I stopped at a rest area in Arlington, Colorado I met a young couple from the U.K. who were on one of the last legs of a round the world bicycle trip which was lasting about 2-1/2 years.  They were going to New York City and then flying to Ireland to ride and then take a ferry across to England and riding back to their home in southeast England.

Whitefaced Cow Watching Me

Colorado Countryside

Colorado continued to show its colors in the flowers along the roadside.  I saw the first cactus plants I had seen on the trip.  They were flowering beautifully.

Yellow Cactus Flower

Pink Cactus Flower


When I arrived at the small town of Sugar City (formerly sugar beets were grown in the area and there was a sugar processing plant in town) I stopped at a small cafe known for its  cinnamon rolls and other sweets.  I had a roll and a piece of pie as an afternoon snack.

Sugar City Cafe

In Ordway I was staying at a small hobby farm.  Gillian, a woman from New Zealand, was my host for the evening.  She has been hosting cyclists for many years on her farm for many years and has had thousands of cyclists stay at her places over the years.  She has each cyclist do a small task on the farm as "payment" for staying at her place.  My task along with another cyclist staying was to remove some fence wire so that her goats could pass freely between two grazing areas.

Welcoming Committee

That evening there was a thunderstorm which rolled in from the west.  I was very glad I was staying inside a building for the night.

Thunderstorm and Sunset

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