Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 48 - Breckenridge, Colorado - Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado

Saturday, June 11,2016, 73.7 miles(118.6 km)

After a great night of sleep at the Seeling house near Breckenridge, I rode up to Dillon, Colorado on a great bikeway to watch part of an air show which was taking place over the lake.  They were also having a sailing race following it though I did not stay for the race, I was able to meet Allen Seeling as he and Tim were racing.  He was instrumental in getting me connected with Tim.  

The ride north to Dillon had many beautiful sites along the way.

Mountain View

Mountain View Over Lake

After watching part of the air show I rode north on CO Hwy 9.  Though busy the road had a good shoulder and was a nice ride.  Once I had ridden north my route left Hwy 9 and went on the west side of a lake.  This road was hilly but had less traffic.  This ride north had some interesting things and beautiful to see along the way.  Even though there was a flying deer sign I did not see any of them, just a few ordinary ones without wings.

Highland Cows

Mountain View

Flying Deer Sign

Fast Flowing River

North of the lake the route rejoined Hwy 9 in a construction zone.  Fortunately I was traveling through the zone on a weekend and no work was being done, unfortunately the road was torn up that for about five miles it was as if I was riding on a continuous rubble strip. Once through the construction the road was great as it was completed last year.

Once reaching Kremmling, Colorado the route turned east to go to Hot Sulphur Springs (heading east to go west... oh well it wasn't too far east).  A few miles prior to reaching Hot Sulphur Springs the route went through a canyon.  The ride was quite deceptive as it appeared that I was heading downhill however the effort required to pedal  indicated I was going up and anytime I stopped the trike would roll back if I did not hold the brake.  The ride in the canyon was beautiful during the evening as the sun was getting lower in the sky.


Canyon Wall

I camping at Pioneer Park in Hot Sulphur Springs.  The town was celebrating Hot Sulphur Springs Days and the park had many people camped there however there was still space to fit my tent.  They had a fireworks display that evening.  The crowd in the park was quite loud during the evening but did quiet down shortly after the fireworks.

This part of Colorado did not disappoint when it came to colorful especially the wide variety of wildflowers I saw along the roadside.

Wild Iris


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