Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day 41 - Scott City, Kansas to Tribune, Kansas

Saturday, June 4,2016, 49.3 miles(79.3 km)

After a night of sleep interrupted by the sprinklers coming on I slept in as I had to stop by the post office and it would not open until 9:30.  After stopping at a donut shop for breakfast I stopped by the post office to send my GPS back to Garmin as it had stopped charging correctly. 

As I was leaving Scott City I came across the below restored vintage service station.  The restoration included old oil cans and other items found at service stations in bygone years such as a bell that rang when you pulled up to the pump so the service attendant would come to fill your tank.

Restored Vintage Service Station

One common thing found in western Kansas are feed lots.  Some are quite large with thousands of cattle.  As expected these facilities can emit quite an odor, fortunately as I passed this one the wind was right and blew the smell away from me.

Feed Lot

As expected there are large fields of wheat and other grains are common.  This one seemed to go on forever to the horizon.

Fields of Wheat

The prairies had many colorful wildflowers including the orange flower pictured below.

Orange Wildflower

As I entered the westernmost county in Kansas the time zone  changed from Central Time to Mountain Time.  This change will make it easier to get up at an earlier time in the morning.  I did think it was odd the time zone would change for just the most western counties in a state.

Time Zone Change

I stayed the night in the Tribune City Park (no sprinklers, YAY!!!)  The park was adjacent to a fair grounds.  They were having a livestock show.  Pigs, sheep and goats were shown on this day, cows were shown the following day.  This young girl was going to show her goat.  She was not happy because he was being difficult and was walking her more than her walking the goat.

Young Girl and Her Goat

This evening Barry, a friend from the St. Louis area, tracked me down and took me to dinner.  Thanks Barry it was great to see you and have dinner with you.

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  1. Enjoying seeing your travels. Continue safely. See you when you get back.