Friday, April 22, 2016

Day 2 - Willis Methodist Church to Ashland, Virginia

Friday April 22, 2016, 37 miles(59.5 km) 

Today was a planned short day with a long day yesterday and another long one for tomorrow.  Today was along most quiet country roads.  Much of the day's route was near several Civil War battlefields.  
My first stop of the day was at the Glendale National Cemetery.  The cemetery was created for Union soldiers recovered from Malvern Hill, Frayer’s Farm, Harrison’s Landing and other areas in the vicinity.  The small cemetery is closed to new interments though was actively used into the 1980s.

Glendale National Cemetery
Glendale National Cemetery

I passed many farm fields which looked like the one shown below, not sure what they are growing but sure is a lot of plastic row protection.
Farm Fields
Farm Fields

I also passed some very nice old houses with well kept yards.

Old House
Nice Old House

Along with this old house which was right in the middle of the battlefield for two battles, the Battle of Gaines' Mill in 1862 and the Battle of Cold Harbor in 1864.

Garthright House
Garthright House

My last stop of the day was the Cold Harbor National Cemetery.  The small 1.4 acre cemetery has the remains of Union soldiers who lost their lives in the Battles of Mechanicsville and Savage Station along with other battles in the area.  The remains of 889 unknown Union soldiers are buried in two trenches along the north wall the cemetery.

Cold Harbor National Cemetery
Cold Harbor National Cemetery Pennsylvania Monument

My day of exploring was cut short by a steady rain which continues into the night. I am "camped" out in my tent behind a bicycle shop in Ashland, Virginia. It is a bit noisy with traffic and I have been visited by a raccoon but other wise all is good. Hope the rain stops by morning.


  1. Great talking to you earlier. Love your posts - they are great history and geography lessons!